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Kente Prints


Our next product is Kente Print. This fabric is used to manufacture Ghanaian dresses. We offer a special range of handwoven Kente print materials for various clients. Our Kente print fabrics have superb designs, gorgeous patterns, and good colors.

Introducing our exquisite collection of African Kente Print fabric, also known as Ghana Kente Print fabric. Originating from East Africa, Kente Print stands out for its vibrant colors and captivating designs, making it a favorite among those seeking unique and eye-catching fabrics. At Pihoo, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch quality, utilizing high-quality printing machinery and eco-friendly colors to ensure a superior product. Our Kente fabric is meticulously crafted, with each piece embodying the rich cultural heritage and intricate craftsmanship of Ghana.

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Kente Print fabrics offered by us are widely used in making traditional African dresses. Outfits made from Kente Printed fabric can be worn during festivals and religious ceremonies. We offer Kente printed fabric in cotton and silk materials. Our Kente fabrics are used to manufacture several things such as shirts, scarves, hats, stoles, and neckties. Every fabric offered by our company contains fine designs and exotic colors.

What sets Kente cloth apart is its rich symbolism and historical significance. Originally reserved for Asante royalty and special ceremonies, Kente has evolved into a symbol of wealth, social status, and cultural expertise. Even today, the creation of new Kente designs requires approval from the royal family, underscoring its prestigious lineage. Handcrafted with precision and skill, Kente fabric features intricate patterns inspired by traditional Akan motifs, with the word “Kente” derived from the Akan word “kenten,” meaning “basket” and reflecting its distinctive basket-like patterns.

As leading Kente fabric manufacturers and exporters in Gujarat, we offer a diverse range of Kente designs that celebrate African culture and heritage. Whether you’re creating apparel like dresses, gowns, or skirts, or crafting home decor items such as curtains, bedsheets, or table covers, our Kente Print fabric adds a touch of elegance and authenticity to any project. Explore our collection of African Kente Print fabric today and experience the beauty and tradition of Kente craftsmanship firsthand.


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